John Oberg is an animal advocate, influencer, and social media professional, dedicated to making the world a kinder place for animals by utilizing the power of social media. He has launched his own independent, patron-funded project for animals through Patreon. In 2019, he had over 200 million impressions of his content on social media.


Prior to that, he served as Director of New Media for the international animal protection organization, The Humane League. And prior to that, John served as Director of Communications for Vegan Outreach. In both of these roles, John oversaw social media for the organizations which led to a tenfold increase in following in both, as well as over 1 billion views of content posted to these pages.


Originally from Detroit, Michigan, John now lives in Richmond, Virginia, and regularly works with groups and individuals from around the globe. In his free time, he likes powerlifting, playing soccer, and traveling.



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