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Animal Advocacy Is More Important Now Than Ever

The world is facing a crisis unlike ever before with COVID-19 spreading globally, claiming victims, shutting down economies, and changing life as we know it.

A silver lining has been difficult to find amidst all the chaos and sadness. That said, one positive aspect of this global shutdown, however, has been the fact that animal advocates who use social media as a tool for their activism have just had their tools sharpened. With very little entertainment outside of the home available, users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms are active more now than ever. What does that mean for advocates? It means that we can reach more people than ever.

In this unprecedented time of living in a complete standstill, now is the time to brush up on your social media skills. Now is the time to use your time online more productively. Spend a bit more time crafting that perfect caption, cropping that photo perfectly, or even reworking and perfecting your overall social media strategy.

Additionally, there’s a spotlight on the cruel treatment we inflict on animals like there hasn’t been in years, decades, or possibly ever. The fact that three out of four pandemics have animal origins has reached the mainstream media. The intense confinement, filth, and illness that farm animals endure in modern animal agriculture create the perfect situation for diseases like COVID-19 to spread like wildfire. Citizens around the globe are learning the truth about our relationships with animals and that most of it is not so pretty as many once thought.

The time to take our advocacy to the next level has arrived. The truth about what’s happening behind the closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses needs to be exposed. Use the incredible power that social media provides to reach more people than ever with messages that will resonate more than ever. If you’re interested in learning how to maximize the good you can do for animals on social media, contact me about setting up a consultation or become a patron of mine and gain instant access to resources to help you reach your potential. Animals are depending on us to give them a voice amidst this chaos.

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