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The Time Has Come For Action

The time has come for action.

The vast majority of people are animal lovers. If they were forced to hit a button where one supports animal cruelty and the other rejects animal cruelty, nearly every individual would choose to reject it.

As animal lovers, we need to stop digging our heads in the sand. We need to stop simply wishing for the best and pretending like things are okay. We must accept that the choices we are making on a regular basis, from the food we order at the drive-thru to the breakfast we pull out of the fridge when we wake up, have profound consequences.

Who are the ones who feel the wrath of those consequences? Farm animals.

Farm animals live lives of absolute misery, from birth to death. This is a fact. There is nothing that can contradict this statement. Even the staunchest supporters of meat-eating agree that farm animals are sentient creatures who do suffer.

In order to accept this as fact, you do not need to prescribe to any radical beliefs. You do not need to vote a certain way. You do not have to accept some set of organized beliefs. You simply have to look at the choices you make, how those choices affect animals, and decide whether that is something you want to continue supporting.

If animal cruelty is something you don’t want to support, then I have great news for you: it’s easier now than ever to discover and eat vegan. The time has come. Will you take action?

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